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  • If We Show You How To GuaranteeYou Won’t Need Another Fence For At Least 12 Years From Now... Would That Interest You?


    OK. If you need a fence, or your existing fence is falling apart from rotting posts, sagging rails and/or warped boards, then we think you should know how to make sure your new fence will…

    1. Last up to 12 years without leaning, sagging, rotting or falling over.
    2. Be immune to most common 'fence problems'.
    3. Ultimately cost you far less than you would end up paying for a 'normal' fence.

    Here at Wills Landscaping we do something truly unique in the industry. We eliminate the problems the good people of Bristol traditionally face when buying, repairing, or replacing a fence.


    By using only the very best, top quality materials.

    Consider this...

    A recent survey of fencing contractors and landscape gardeners in Bristol found the vast majority of respondents offered inferior materials that they knew full well would shorten the lifespan of a fence.


    Simple really. Low-quality materials cost less and so help the contractor land the job from an unsuspecting customer.

    However, in a follow-up study of 107 customers who had bought fences, 91% said they would have paid up to 20% more for a premium quality product IF they had known about the quality short-cuts taken by many fencing contractors… even the honest ones, such as:

    Not Using Pressure Treated Posts, Rails and Boards: Pressure treatment makes wood much more resistant to weather, therefore the fence last longer. There are different levels of treatment (ranging from 0.20 retention to 0.60 retention) and if you don’t ask for it, chances are you’ll be sold a fence with NO pressure treatment at all.

    Using Skimpy Posts: Even if your posts are pressure treated, you’d better check the size. Many contractors use standard 3 x 3's instead of superior 4 x 4's. The difference in appearance and longevity is the difference between night and day. Insist on 4 x 4 posts if you want your fence to last more than 12 years.

    Not Enough Hinges: Depending on the size of your fence, the number of hinges on gates is critical. 76% of wooden fences are 2m ‘privacy’ fences. The gates in these fences are taller and heavier than the shorter 1.2m border fences, meaning they need more hinges to keep the gates from sagging. 4 hinges are recommended for these types of gate. However, most fencing contractors will opt for just 2. Insist on a quality job, or your gates WILL sag.

    Ask for a written quote first - compare it against these standards - if it doesn't stack up, shouldn't that tell you something about integrity?

    Whose fault is it when you buy a cheap fence that lasts just a few years? We say it's the fencing contractor's fault. Every single company in the survey has the ability and option to use top quality materials and in doing so, provide a long-term solution.

    Out of all the companies polled, only 2 in 10 offered the premium quality materials and workmanship as their FIRST RECOMMENDATION. One of those was Wills Landscaping.

    Call now for a FREE consultation and written quotation if you want a fence that will not need replacing for at least 12 years.