• New job

    27 Oct 2015

    Started a new job today on Brampton way in Portishead. We dug out the front garden in the morning down to a depth of 150mm and put it all in a skip. We then added type 1 scalpings, levelled and compacted it to create a soid sub base. [...]

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    Day off today

    23 Oct 2015

    Day off today- time to tidy the unit up and do some maintenance on the tools.

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    Hi again, Why not bring the inside out and create an entertaining area which is under cover? We are offering a range of hand made bespoke wooden lean-to's with a decked area underneath if required, and even a bar area. (pictures [...]

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    I'm back

    20 Oct 2015

    Hi everyone, I'm back blogging after a while away. We are now offering a wider range of services and discounted rates for the winter months. Our first new service is STUMP REMOVAL- If you've recently had a tree cut down and the stump [...]

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    29 Oct 2014

    Finished the last two big jobs and the weather was amazing, just the odd rainy day. It is nearly November and the weather is starting to turn and the days are closing in.

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