• I’m back

    20th October 2015
  • Hi everyone, I’m back blogging after a while away.

    We are now offering a wider range of services and discounted rates for the winter months.

    Our first new service is STUMP REMOVAL- If you’ve recently had a tree cut down and the stump is still there we can grind the stump out down to a depth of 15 inches. This means that if the stump is in a flower bed it is low enough to be able to plant new shrubs. I use a mid sized stump grinder so am able to remove stumps of up to 600mm wide.


    Our second new service is ARTIFICIAL TURF – If your fed up with cutting your lawn or your lawn is in bad condition then artificial turf is a great option. I offer two grades of quality turf. We only use the best quality turf meaning longer lasting products.

    Firstly – Majestic which has a pile height of 28mm (height of turf)

    4 tones of colour – three greens and a one beige

    Secondly – Sensation which has a pile height of 30mm

    4 tones of colour – four tones of green.

    construction – A sub base of type 1 scalping shall be laid and compacted on unstable land. A 50mm layer of stone dust shall then be laid and compacted. The turf will then be laid on the compacted stone dust and trimmed to shape. Tape and silicone is used  on the under side of the joints to secure the joints together.

    Well that’s it for now, don’t hesitate to contact us, details are on the web site – willslandcsaping.co.uk