• Terms and Conditions

  • These are the standard terms and conditions for domestic, commercial and landscaping works quoted for and undertaken by WILLS LANDSCAPING. ‘We’ ‘our’ or ‘us’ refers to WILLS LANDSCAPING.

    Please read these terms and conditions carefully before contacting us for a quotation and/or instructing us to commence work. Thank you


    All work required will be discussed with you prior to an agreed start date and will be completed in accordance with the original design unless otherwise agreed.

    Our quotation for work includes all materials and labour where stated from original design.

    You agree to provide us water and electricity (if needed) at no charge. You shall provide access to the site and dry storage space for materials at all times during the work’s progress and during our standard working hours, typically 8:00am to 6:00pm, Monday to Friday excluding public holidays.

    We are not able to accept responsibility for any damage to (or cost involved with) any underground hazards, obstructions, or services not made known to us in writing, or apparent on visual inspection.

    You will be responsible for all payments to us, unless otherwise notified in writing prior to commencement.


    We provide free quotations by email from your measurements and plans.

    If the project needs multiple site visits, or is being booked more than 3 months in advance and the total quotation for work exceeds £2,000, then a £100 deposit will be required after the initial visit to confirm a date.

    A mobilisation payment (usually 50% of the total) is payable on order. The mobilisation payment will be used to purchase materials necessary for completion of the work, or in the case of disposal, will be used to secure the date.

    For projects longer than 30 days, staged payments against works completed/materials on site, to be made in weekly intervals, payable within 3 days of invoice.

    Final Payment

    A final payment of the balance due is to be made following practical ‘substantial completion’ and payable on completion.

    We understand and will exercise our statutory right to claim interest and compensation for debt recovery costs under the late payment legislation if we are not paid according to any agreed credit terms.

    Payment methods are cash, debit card, credit card (3% charge) or BACS.

    The work is substantially complete when all items described have been constructed, installed, or disposed of (if this is agreed in the quotation). Substantial completion shall not include adjustment, repair, replacement, or cleaning of any item so constructed or installed after final inspection. Requests for adjustment, repair, replacement or cleaning of any constructed or installed item shall not be the cause for delay of final payment, but rather shall be considered warranty items.

    Alterations or Changes

    Any addition and/or alterations to the schedule/project shall be properly treated as variations and subject to written instructions. Additional payments may be required to cover any agreed changes.

    You agree any necessary extra purchases of up to £50 can be made without verbal or written consent. Anything costing more than £50 will be discussed with you before purchase. If you add extra work to the planned and agreed services, this will be chargeable at our standard rates.

    If measurements given by you are incorrect, any extra labour and/or materials required will be charged to you. All, or any special conditions, of which we have been informed are noted in the quotation.

    We are not able to accept responsibility for the well-being and maintenance of living plant material, including turf, following practical substantial completion. If necessary we reserve the right to substitute any plant with another of equal value and growth/habitat/colour in accordance with the specification.

    With regard to any landscaping work that involves digging - such as patios, artificial grass, drives or any other digging, nearby to trees, shrubs, flowers, plants etc., we cannot be held responsible if roots are damaged or need to be cut to complete the work.

    After practical substantial completion, we are not able to accept responsibility for any damage through the elements, including drought, winds, rain and frost to any material(s) including plants.

    Upon practical substantial completion the responsibility for the care and watering of all plants, lawns, etc., is handed over to you and will require regular attention until established.

    We take great care to remove all weeds/roots from the site when being prepared. We cannot accept responsibility for subsequent weed growth on completion of the project.

    It is very important, and your sole responsibility, to ensure we are made aware of any special/statutory by-laws/conditions/permissions that may affect the work. We accept no responsibility for works that have been carried out on land that is not under your ownership. Furthermore, it is assumed that all planning conditions or regulations have been applied before commencement of any works.

    Severe weather conditions may cause a delay to the start date of the project. This will not affect the original agreed quotation.

    Delays caused by other companies on site may cause work to be rescheduled, and charges may be made in certain circumstances.

    The project contains the entire understanding and agreement between the parties with respect to the work and supersedes all prior or contemporaneous written and oral agreements and understandings with respect to the subject matter hereof. No oral promises or agreements are a part of the project.

    We will be entitled to suspend performance of, or terminate work if you fail to pay any sum due to us, in accordance with these terms, or are in breach of these terms, or become bankrupt, in which case we shall be entitled to payment for all work carried out and for all goods supplied to the date of the termination or suspension of the project, and to retain any deposit or interim payment made towards it.

    Maintenance is not included in one-off projects unless specified. Please let us know if you would like a separate quotation for regular maintenance.

    We shall not be liable for any defects arising from your own actions or lack of care including, without limitation, inadequate watering, deliberate damage, removal or other abuse or damage caused by you.

    Cancellation of the project within 2 weeks of the agreed scheduled start of work, will incur a cancellation fee equal to 15% of the quoted price for labour, plus the cost of all materials purchased specifically for the project.

    Upon instruction of work, we reserve the right to take and use photographs (before, during, and after) in promotional material. Such promotional material will not include any personal information.

    Errors and omissions excepted.